Monday, May 4, 2015

Kent--May 4, 2015

Dear family,

We had a couple of great lessons with Brother "S". We taught the Plan of Salvation, and he started telling us about it. We didn't have to talk much! He had investigated the church for seven months in Auburn, WA, and he's been taught every lesson. He says the truth behind why he hasn't been baptized yet is because he's on parole until November. We may have to wait several months for him to get off parole until he's baptized. In our second lesson, we went to the church and had a lesson on the Book of Mormon. He told us the extent of his crimes, and why he went to prison. Over the past few years, he has done a complete 180. He was a bank robber. He says there were people in his life that were placed there by God to get him back on track. He is an incredible man, and an inspiration to me. He reads the Book of Mormon and prays every night, and he comes to church every Sunday. He even gave up working on Sunday to keep it holy. This week, he brought one of his friend's fourteen year old sons to church. His name is "A". I hope that we'll be able to teach "A"'s family. 

This Sunday, we also had a lesson with a part-member family. We taught about the Restoration and invited the non-member girlfriend, "C", to be baptized. She said she would if she were to find out the church was true. One of the challenges would be to get her boyfriend active in the church again, and have them get married. Their four little kids were wonderful. They asked great questions. 

We get free groceries for volunteering at a food bank each week, and we often eat with members. We get all sorts of fruits and vegetables from the food bank.

Jessica, I have not yet been able to baptize anyone yet, but I hope to be able to soon. I'm glad you are going to Pharmacy Tech school! That sounds like a lot of work, but lots of fun too! I also can't wait to see your braces!

Aaron, I love you too. 

Sarah, I'm glad that you're playing basketball. I've gotten lots better at playing basketball on P-day. I hope you have fun at Lego League.

Ps. I will be Skyping at a member's house this upcoming Sunday at 5 pm Pacific Standard Time, so it will be 6 pm where you live. It will be a 30 minute Skyping session, and then we'll have dinner afterward. I can't wait to see you all! 

My companion, Elder Walters, broke his ukulele, so I was wondering, could you send my ukulele in a package to me, so we can play hymns on it? He has a hymnbook for ukulele.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.


Elder Herbert