Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Puyallup--February 9, 2015

Dear family,

I am so grateful for your willingness to share the gospel! Elder Brown and I read the chapter called "Flooding the Earth with the Book of Mormon" in the Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson for companion study this morning. It has amazing stories of members sharing the Book of Mormon with others. That's really cool that Elder Burt is from Garrison Creek! Did you tell him that I'm serving in his mission? Today I was challenged by my district leader to talk to as many people in each store, library, etc that I can today. I decided that I will share with others the Book of Mormon. So as I start conversations in Wal-mart or wherever, I'll introduce them to the Book of Mormon and hand them a Book of Mormon pass-along card. It's good to hear that Brother "D" has been taking his girls to church! That's incredible. Keep on sharing your testimonies. We had a member lesson last night at the "S"'s home and we invited them to think of someone they could share the gospel with. Sister "S" asked us how to answer people's questions about difficult topics like free agency. She had a friend that thought since God knows everything we are going to do, then it really isn't our choice to make. I told her that we don't know exactly how everything works, so we just have to go on faith. 

Feel better soon! We have discovered the enormity of the plague here in Washington! Everyone is getting sick. I just got sick with the flu about a month ago. I was only out for a couple of days though. Our investigators got sick yesterday and couldn't make it to church. We just met them last week. They live in our apartment complex. The manager told us to stop proselyting but we are doing it anyway. President Eaton said it was fine as long as we just stay away from the manager. I would rather put my trust in God than in man. It reminded me of a scripture I read in Acts chapter 2 when the pharisees commanded that the apostles stop preaching in the name of Jesus, but they said we would rather listen to God than man. These investigators we found are a teenage mother and her uncle. Her name is "I" and her uncle's name is "R". "I"'s son is "J". He is seven months old. "R" is a Catholic man from Colombia. He said that he wants to give his family a choice as to which church they want to be apart of. He is concerned about his niece and great nephew having a church to give them direction in life. So he and his children have been to quite a few other churches besides the Catholic church. They have both been to the Mormon church a few times before but have never taken the missionary discussions. So we just started to teach them.

I'm going to send the temple name back so you can perform the endowment. It's a bummer that it got here too late. I'm buying a bicycle today so I don't expect there to be much left on my debit card afterwards. I am also purchasing rain paints and boots. For the past couple of days my clothes got soaked! I had to throw my pants and socks in the dryer multiple times each day. 

Could you send me the soundtrack to Prince of Egypt? I would really enjoy that. It is also ok for me to listen to Christian artists like Britt Nicole. Could you send me a CD of hers as well? As long as the beat is not too intense. Our mission president approves of this type of music. 

Love you so much,

Elder Herbert