Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kent--July 20, 2015

Dear family,

We had an interesting week. On Saturday, all the elders and sisters in the zone marched in a parade for the city of Covington. We sang hymns and handed out pass along cards. The parade announcer introduced us to all the people at the parade. It was an interesting experience. Afterward, we took turns manning an informational booth at the fair. It was a good idea, but it wasn't as good of a turn out as we expected. I don't think Elder Holden and I talked to a single person. 

This week, we only taught two lessons. But during one of the lessons, I felt impressed to give Brother “S” the family history stories you gave me. He'll read them and make copies for others to read too. He asked what it was like for me to grow up Mormon. He told me he's never asked any of the elders about their conversion stories before me. Although we only had a couple of lessons, I still had a good week. We went to a mission devotional yesterday night. Brother “S” was able to give us a ride. He loved it. He said he felt the spirit so strong that he almost cried! And he's a tough guy. Elder Holden's convert from Auburn got to speak at the mission devotional. She had a really cool conversion story. She was active in another church. Her coworker, who is a member, gave her a pamphlet about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She read it and in time, she prayed to know if it were true. She received the spiritual confirmation and asked her friend to meet with the missionaries. She started attending our church and was baptized a short time later. 

I was really focused this week on studying and preparing to teach. I have determined to make my study times more revelatory. I want to make sure that I follow the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Ghost. As I've done so, I've seen so many blessings. My study of the missionary lessons actually coincides with my study of the Book of Mormon. I can pull out principles more often, and I can set goals on how I will apply these principles in my missionary work. I found that if you want revelation, ask for it. It really is that simple. The problem though, is that you really have to want an answer. There are many ways that revelation can come. It could come as you silently ponder, as you sit in sacrament meeting, as you read the scriptures, as you attend the temple, as you pray, and as you read conference messages. But if you do those things, revelation comes more easily. And when you act on it, it will help guide you through troubling times. 

In Elder's quorum, we studied the blessings of attending the temple, just like you. I remembered my experience of going to the temple for my first time. But it wasn't until after a couple more times that I started to receive greater inspiration. In Elder's quorum, I remembered how I felt after attending the temple. I was more at peace. I felt greater joy. It felt like my spiritual field of vision was widened. I don't know how else to explain it. Does it feel like that for you?

I hope all goes well.


Elder Herbert