Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kent--June 15, 2015

Dear family,

This week was incredible. We had a potential investigator come to church with us. We also got back in contact with the “H” family and we have a lesson set up for Wednesday night after scouts! What a miracle. The potential investigator that came to church is named “S B”. When we met her, she had no idea that Mormons were Christian. We opened up the Book of Mormon and taught her right there in the parking lot of the apartment complex. I shared my testimony that the Book of Mormon can help anyone get closer to God, and help them through the difficulties of life. She told us she needs that because she feels empty inside and she feels lonely. A lot of her friends aren't Christian, and she wants more friends that believe in God. This happened last week. I went back on Thursday night with a ward missionary named brother “L” on splits, and we taught a lesson on the Book of Mormon. We only had 15 minutes, but the spirit was strong. We committed her to read a few chapters of the Book of Mormon, read the restoration pamphlet, and come to church. And she did! I was able to sit up front with her while Elder Holden sat with Brother “S” in the back. The topic in Sacrament meeting was on eternal families. The speakers briefly addressed the importance of family history and temple work. Sister “B” asked if she could participate in family history work. I said, "Of course!" She was really excited about that. She also committed to come for the full three hours next week! Wow. 

I know that the Lord is preparing people. We also received a member referral from Sister “P”. Their names are “S” and “M”. They have four kids, and they just live around the corner from the “P”'s. It was interesting how they met. The two youngest kids, who are five and seven, ran inside Sister “P”'s house. She had no idea who they were, so she said, "Let’s go meet your parents." They brought her to their home, and Sister Pyle initiated a great conversation with “M”. She told us what a spiritual powerhouse she is. She learned that “M” was preparing to be a pastor in her church and she had several incredibly spiritual experiences over the course of her life. Sister “P” said she was blown away and thought, "Where did you come from you amazing woman?" Sister “P” asked if she would like some literature on our church. She said yes. So she gave a copy of the Book of Mormon, Our Search for Happiness by M. Russell Ballard, a book about angels, and a copy of Meet the Mormons. The next morning, while we were working out in her gym, she walked over and saw “S” getting the kids ready to go to school. She asked if she could get his address so the missionaries could stop by and he said yes! Sister “P” told us she will set an appointment where we could meet and she's inviting us and them over for dinner next week. 

The work moves forward. And members are such an integral part of helping to find and teach investigators. Even in Sister “B”' case, when we were the ones to find her. Members still have the responsibility to friendship them. I have a testimony that God is placing certain people in our path so that we have an opportunity to administer to their needs. Sister “P” said, "There are no such things as coincidences, only God-instances." We each have a responsibility to care for the people in our lives. I'm so glad to be a part of this great work. There is nothing more joyful and spiritual than helping others come closer to Christ.

That is super cool that “M” was able to give a talk in sacrament meeting. I hope that one day she'll be able to get baptized. And keep having the missionaries over for dinner! I love hearing what's going on in your lives. Aaron, the ordeal sounded like fun. I hope you didn't get too wet! It's weird but it hasn't rained here for a few weeks. I'm pretty sure that's considered "drought" status in western Washington! There are a couple of places here and there that are in the rain shadow of the Cascade mountain range and it doesn't rain as often as in the coastal areas.

Could you send sour patch watermelons, pretzel M&M's, Hershey's bars, Milky ways, and Snicker's? I would also like a gift card for Wendy's. That's everything. Thanks for being so awesome!  


Elder Herbert