Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Renton--December 9, 2014

Dear family,

We had a baptism on Saturday for "E"! It was a wonderful service. Shortly before getting baptized, she told us she wants to introduce her friend from California to us. She told us, "I have a surprise for you two. I might have a new investigator for you." It seems like her friend is hard to get a hold of, but we keep bugging her about it. She told us she'll let us know when she's available. Elder Tibbitts is going home tomorrow. My new companion was a zone leader. His name is Elder Bennett. I'm excited to meet him. The work is moving forward, even though it seems like it slows down from time to time. We haven't seen the Samoan family for a couple of weeks, but we saw the dad, and he said that his daughter "S" is still interested. We are teaching "M H", an elderly woman from Arizona. Her best friend is a member of the church, and she wants to know what makes us all so happy! She told us she would be baptized if she came to know if it were true. She said she wasn't religious growing up, and is just learning how to pray. I pray for her all the time to know this is true.

Even though some of our members struggle, I realized that there are so many that are strong! We met with my favorite family, the "M"'s again yesterday. They are the cutest family in the world. Brother "M" is from Africa and Sister "M" is from Trinidad. They are both recent converts, and they love the missionaries. Brother "M" got called to be an Elder's quorum instructor and Sister "M" got called to be a nursery teacher.  They are one of the most Christ centered families I've met. Brother "M" is so kind and Sister "M" is very strong and passionate. They are a great addition to the Skyway ward. Sadly, they may soon be moving to Puyallup, WA.

Coming up on my third transfer, I'll be staying in the Skyway ward. I'm so happy. There is a lot of work to do, but there is a lot of promise. Please pray for the members and Bishop. Pray for "M" and "E". Please pray for "S" and her family as well. Happy Holidays.


Elder Herbert